Dungeon Defenders II

Title: Dungeon Defenders II
Engine: Unreal Engine 3
Description: Dungeon Defenders II is Trendy’s next entry in the Dungeon Defenders franchise. It expands on the Action Tower Defense concepts found in the first game, with an emphasis on making the action more dynamic and engaging while retaining the depth of strategy found in the tower defense. Players choose their hero and defend against waves of fierce enemies across 16 gameplay levels. As players advance, they gain levels and powerful gear to improve their skills and towers. Dungeon Defenders 2 is currently available as a Free-To-Play title on Steam and as paid Early Access on PS4.

Core Responsibilities:
• Collaborated with a partner to implement and balance gameplay across 16 levels, including core gameplay logic, scripting, trap configuration, wave composition and timing, and resource values.
• Product owner on a major boss fight – including design, prototyping, implementation, balance, bugfixing, and managing interdepartmental strike team.
• Designed, prototyped, implemented, and balanced 5 level specific challenges, which introduced new gameplay mechanics and special enemies into existing levels.
• Designed a gameplay level from concept to completion – including layout design, trap and objective design, whiteboxing, directing world builders, playtesting, and balance.
• Designed, prototyped, and implemented an alternative “infinite survival” gameplay mode.
• Designed and implemented tutorial to bring new players into the game.

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